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ZCash Cockpit UI Wallet

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ZCash Cockpit UI Wallet allows users to access their ZCash wallet remotely via a web user interfact. This wallet can be used to check balances, view the blockchain, manage transparent and private addresses and to make zcash transactions. This wallet only works on Linux based systems with Cockpit UI installed.

Expert Review

4.1 out of 5

ZCash Cockpit UI Wallet is a full node, high-level anonymity, average ease of use wallet supported only on Linux operating system with Cockpit UI installed. The Zcash wallet can be accessed by the users remotely via a web user interface. It only supports Zcash (ZEC) and allows users to make its transactions, check balances, manage addresses and view the blockchain. It is open source but lacks features like Hierarchical Deterministic, Multi-Signature and 2 Factor Authentication. The private keys are completely controlled by the user.

User Review

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tdd09 april 2018, 19:11

In my opinion this wallet is great for managing Zcash funds and the anonymity offered is satisfactory. It is pretty easy to use and simple setup. Overall a great wallet for a coin like Zcash. But lack of supported systems is its downside.

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