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NXT Client

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The NXT Client is the official NXT wallet. It's a full node wallet with all the features that the NXT Platform has to offer, inlcuding asset issuance, trasfer, exchange, and more. Users can also enjoy advance monetary features like multi-sig addresses, phased transactions, and coin mixing. The NXT Client can be customized with plguins, such as the decentralized escrow, Quack.

Ardor Tokens can be currently stored in the NXT Client as they are assets on the NXT blockchain, until the Ardor Platform is complete.

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The NXT client is a wallet that supports the cryptocurrency : NXT. The wallet let's you create your own project on the NXT client. You can launch your own cryptocurrency on the NXT blockchain, and you can trade, share and exchange your digital assets to other NXT based cryptocurrency. You can create a customised poll, which the NXT Platform verifies. The wallet supports multi-signature wallet addresses, It's very anonymous when you send a transaction.

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