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Lykke Wallet is a key element of the Lykke trading ecosystem. The Lykke Wallet iOS and Android apps make it simple for you to trade digital currencies and assets on the Lykke Exchange, our next-generation trading platform with zero commission. Immediate settlement and direct ownership are enabled by distributed ledger technology. Now anyone can trade easily!

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Lykkewallet is a mobile ethereum wallet which, as coinbase, let's you trade your cryptocurrency inside the app. Unlike any wallet, this wallet let's you invest in tokens inside, that way, it won't need to take the take time to exchange these traditionally. And it's also a multisignature wallet, basically, it means that there are two keys. The exchange has the public key, and you have the private key. And even if a hacker have your private key, it would be hard to crack it, that's why no one would be able to take the money from the wallet. You can also disable the access to the wallet if your phone has been stolen.

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