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Ethereum Wallet

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Ethereum Wallet is a web wallet by Decentral that allows users to create new wallets and send transactions. The wallet doesn't store any information. Instead, it allows you to download and upload your encrypted private key file anytime to interact with the wallet. Therefore, when you generate a new wallet, you are responsible for safely backing it up. The Ethereum Wallet is currently in Beta.

Expert Review

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Ethereum Wallet is a centralized, easy to use, high-level anonymity, online web browser wallet currently in beta by Decentral. It only supports Ethereum and allows the user to store it and make its transactions. The private keys are to be downloaded by the user during the setup of the wallet and the user has complete control over their private keys. It is open source but lacks features like Hierarchical Deterministic, Multi-Signature and 2 Factor Authentication. It will be active until 15th of April 2018 after that it is going to shut down.

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tdd09 april 2018, 18:56

It is considerably a good option for eth transactions but still had poor security. Soon it will shut down so no use considering it. There are enough better alternatives for ethereum wallets, so better check out others.

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