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Counterwallet is a Counterparty wallet that allows you to store BTC, XCP, and any Counterparty tokens like Bitcrystals and FoldingCoin. Counterparty does not require you to register an account. All encryption is handled client-side, meaning that your passphrase nor any of your private information ever leaves your browser.

There are no wallet files to backup or secure, and using your passphrase you can access your wallet from any trusted machine with a web browser.

Counterwallet is entirely open-source.

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The counterwallet is a Web wallet that can hold bitcoins and counterparty token. The wallet is highly secure, the passphrase will never leave your browser, and it's encryption will protect it from attacks with brute force. All the encryption is being handled client-side, and your private information won't leave your browser. The only private key is your passphrase. With it, you can access your funds from any trusted machine with a Web browser. Since it's open-source, you can even run a counterparty server. There is also a mobile version of the wallet, the client is indiesquare, and also supports bitcoin and the counterparty token.

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