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Coinomi is a great multi crypto online wallet.  Private keys are kept securely on your device. At present the wallet is only available on your android devices - however the team are developing an Apple ios version. The wallet currently supports 78 coins.

Very Secure

Your private keys never leave your device. We use strong public cryptography and the best industry practices. We make sure that your money is totally safe by ensuring that you have the ultimate control over it! Your wallet is encrypted with a master password making it very resistant against hackers and malicious software.

Enhanced Privacy

Coinomi favors privacy in a way that it doesn't perform any kind of association between your real-world identity and your wallet, your funds or even the way you spend or obtain them. No personal details ever go through Coinomi and spending your funds is totally anonymous as Coinomi hides your IP address from the rest of the world when pushing your transactions to the blockchain.

Expert Review

4.5 out of 5

Coinomi is a multi-wallet that supports different cryptocurrencies and can also hold tokens as well. It comes with built-in exchanges (ShapeShift and Changelly). They give you your private keys, while also storing them as well in an encrypted environment, that way, they make sure that the private keys never leaves your phone. It also values your privacy, they don't have policies like KYC (Know Your Customer), you are anonymous and no one will know you. It supports over 70 (excluding tokens) different cryptocurrencies: bitcoin, ethereum, bitcore, zcash just to name a few. The exchanges has their own fees set out, coinomi doesn't take exchange fees.

User Review

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landali31 march 2018, 03:51

Going back to nature and surrounding with ideology,algorithms,technology's,person who's same directions in stabilizing and quick bigger responsive community on coins,tokens,ico's,wallet,exchangers,airdrops,mining,cloud services,regular n minimal pocket money for joining....and only tiny dot...SO in an algorithmically,uniquely naturalistic catalyze....attractive smookin,what da 'HIGH' tera idealised even destroying layers of socialism labels.

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