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BitConnect Client

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The bitconnect client is a desktop and iOS wallet which allows you to receive and store BitConnect Coin, and then send them to others. It also allows you to stake BitConnect coin in its PoS mechanism. This wallet requires the user to keep a copy of the blockchain.

Expert Review

2 out of 5

The BitConnect Client is a full node validation desktop and iOS wallet supported on operating systems like Windows, Linux and Mac OS with an average user interface. It only supports BitConnect Coin and allows its transaction and storage and also stake the coins in its PoS mechanism. As being a full node wallet to use it user must download the complete copy of blockchain and assist its network. The private keys are completely controlled by the user. It offers the 2 Factor Authentication and is open source but lacks Hierarchical Deterministic, Multi-Signature.

User Review

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Investor009 april 2018, 18:41

As it only allows storage of one coin and that too of no use. So not at all a useful wallet. It could have been better if it featured more coins and security. Also, there were some accusation that it is a scam. Overall, shady project.

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