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ArcBit is a Bitcoin wallet designed to be intuitive and secure. Users can interact with the wallet through iOS, Mac OS, Windows, Linus, Android and Web. Additionally, ArcBit offers an optional cold wallet storage feature for offline transactions. Although users keep their private keys in the deviced, the validation of blocks is centralized.

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Arcbit is a bitcoin wallet that is available on android an PC. Despite it looking simple, it's fully featured, Their wallet offers a great and responsive UI, for the bitcoin newcomers. Their support are there to help with any questions. The private keys and the backup phrases are always on your phone, and arcbit makes sure they don't leave the device. Their wallet has the features you would expect from a desktop wallet, including: support for HD wallets and it supports stealth addresses. and allows you to import bitcoins from other sources, from bitcoin private keys, bip38 encrypted keys and from xpub keys.

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