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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Please read the Terms and Conditions before using TokenTops. Please don't rely solely on any content found on the Internet or in other means of information while making any financial or investing decisions. Do your research thoroughly and remember that you are the one responsible for your investments. While we try our best to provide all of the useful information and tools, the final decision is still fully and only up to the investors. We do not encourage any type of investment and do not take responsibility for any financial decisions made by our users, site visitors and article readers.


All ratings, reviews or summaries and descriptions published on TokenTops are only for informational purposes. TokenTops does not provide any official financial consulting, price forecasting or recommendations. Therefore, TokenTops, as well as the experts, writers and reviewers providing content for the site cannot be hold responsible for any investment decisions made by site visitors.

All of the content provided on the site is made by experienced writers, cryptocurrency experts and analysts. They base their knowledge on researchers, market situation, history of price movements and successful projects. While they try to provide their best opinions and suggestions, we cannot avoid potential misjudgements or simple human errors. Therefore, no one should base their investments solely on such reviews, without making a research on their own. TokenTops does not encourage any financially irresponsible behaviour, and the user should be aware that Initial Coin Offerings, should be consider risky, while cryptocurrencies not stable nor reliable form of investment.


The content of the reviews and overall rating is purely dependent on the expert's own analysis and evaluation of the project. ICO projects should not have power to influence the review. Therefore, the best way to get positive evaluation is to simply create good quality project. We do not take any form of financial reward, which is meant to influence the review. We do not sell positive reviews and high ratings. The reviewer has rights to express concerns and point out possible disadvantages and weak points of the project, as long as it does not fall under the category of false or preemptively harming. Any possible negativity or criticism comes from the good will of wanting to either improve the projects, as in many cases the developers listen to the feedback, or warn readers against projects which may turn out to be scams or that are simply less likely to succeed.

Moreover, we enable every user to leave their own ratings and reviews on any project. TokenTops moderators read them before publishing, however we do not take any responsibility for the content or legitimacy of such reviews. Users are free to express their own opinions. We reserve rights not to publish reviews which are not useful, include aggresive language or give indications that they may be faked in order to boost the rating, scam users or attack competition.

Intellectual Property and Copyright

Most of the content on ICO pages are owned by the projects developers and creators. All other content on the website is the intellectual right of TokenTops, unless otherwise specified.

Errors and changes

We reserve the right to change, delete or update information (including content of the reviews and ratings evaluations) and to correct any errors, inaccuracies, or omissions at any given time without prior notice in order to provide the most accurate and highest quality content at that given time. 

We reserve the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any time.


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