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Our Team

Alexander Shevtsov

Founder of Jury.Online

A mathematician with a background in abstract and theoretical areas of mathematics, engaged in cryptography, wrote several educational articles for universities (topics: “Advanced encryption standard”, “Hash Algorithms”). Blockchain developer, blockchain enthusiast, the winner of Blockchainhack-2017.

Konstantin Kudriavtsev

Chief Technical Officer

Konstantin worked on the development of fault-tolerant, high-loaded information systems. Has work experience in the largest banks as PrivatBank, AlfaBank, worked in London at UBS Bank. In 2008 Konstantin established a company, which is fully set up all workflows, mobile application, IoT.

Igor Lavrenov


Igor has been involved into IT industry for more than 5 years ago, beginning his professional way from support and development network infrastructure, backend core services & deployment auto-testing and turning it into the strong skills in deployment apps across various environments, bug tracking, monitoring of systems, research and development

Art Pirozhkov

Chief Operating Officer

Art has more than 2-years experience in blockchain industry, 3 years experience in IT business development.

He is a head of business development in Krypton.Capital Russia

Sponsor and speaker at number of large scale international blockchain conferences (‘Blockchain - New Russian Oil’, ‘Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference’).

Lee Yun Keun

Head of Asia

Journalist in New York, CEO of CLC Biz global marketing and investor, CEO of block chain Internet newspaper 'Daily Coin News', fluent in multiple languages ​​(English, Japanese, Russian, Korean)

Shin Bum Seok

Head of Korea

Shin has been a CEO of the Korea Management Consulting company and has successfully completed 400 projects over 20 years. Since August 2016, Shin has been studying and lecturing at major Korean companies on 'Blockchain'. Since October 2017, Shin has organized a blockchain community and have been evaluating and consulting about 20 blockchain projects.

Valeriy Strechen

Marketing Director

Valeriy has 3-years experience in world’s leading sports statistical provider InStat as a Head of Media Relations bringing statistical solutions to TV broadcaster, digital and printed media.

He is a head of Marketing and PR of Jury.Online.

Nikolay Prudnikov

Business Development Officer

Nikolay has 6-years experience in world’s leading sports statistical provider as a Representative of the company in Middle East and later as a Head of Marketing defining the freshened outlook of the company.

He is a Business Development Officer of Jury.Online dealing with clients, partners and investors' relations.

Marina Kobyakova

Business Development

Marina is responsible for planning Jury.Online’s participation in different local and international conferences. Her sound experience working in the diplomatic protocol office within the system of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation allows her to efficiently set up communication and thoroughly plan every aspect of our presence in the international scene.

Anastasia Bormotova

PR Manager

Anastasia worked on PR strategies development and content media plans and writing for digital mass media (Afisha.ru, Cosmo Beauty) and blockchain projects since 2015. She works with international crypto mass media, draw up media buying plans, PR development and IR.

Nik Alekseev

Art Director

Seasoned Graphic Designer with more than 3 years of experience in UX and UI design. A full stack designer, specialized on web design, infographics and business presentations

Anastasia Arakelian

Community Manager

Anastasia is the specialist in economics and business, with marketing skills. She is also proficient in Spanish language. Worked for half a year in the USA in the client services. Has 3 years experience in community relations in an international company