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ICO Rating

The easiest way to find interesting projects with possible potential for profit is to sort ICOs listed on TokenTops based on their general rating. This list include both past and currently active token sales. If you are looking for details and reasons for particular rating you can find them by clicking on the ICO profile and scrolling down to the rating and review section. There are many things and variables that contribute to the final ICO rating.

Expert Team

First of all, when a new project is being listed on our site, it is rated by one of TokenTops experts. Our expert team consists of successful crypto investors, experienced market traders and speculators, as well as journalists and writers that have written numerous articles and have followed raise and fall of many ICO projects.

Rating details

When a project is rated, TokenTops takes into the consideration the main idea of the ICO, their goals, at what stage of the development the project is, marketing campaign, the team behind it, interest among users and most importantly the possibility of profit in the future. TokenTops want to help you find not only the best project, but also the one to give you the highest ROI.

5/5 Stars

Next to each ICO there are 5 stars that show the rating of the project. With the 5 out of 5 stars meaning it is a very solid project when it comes both to the development but also the business and profit possibilities.

Projects with the stars indicating the rating of 2.5 to 4 are considered to be a decent ones. With ICOs closer to 4 being a more safer to buy, while the ones around 2.5 may pay off in the future, but buying their tokens should be considered a slight gamble and a bigger risk.

ICO rated below 2.5, especially the ones rated 1, should be avoided and the tokens should be bought only if you really know what you are doing and really believe in this project. Low rating, doesn't mean it is always a scam or a bad project. It often means that there is a risk of the ICO failing, it can be either based on the low user interest and lack of investors or the project just doesn't offer anything interesting or revolutionary.

User contribution

To assure our ratings aren't biased and to make sure we can get as accurate prediction as possible, every registered user can submit their own rating of any project. We believe that one person can make a mistake, but if there is a crowd of enthusiastic people believing in a project, it has to succeed.

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