20.03.2019 - 30.06.2019
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We’ve created a platform for selling and buying products and services. Common acceptance of cryptocurrencies is becoming a reality. We designed a system which allows shops and individuals to sell and buy merchandise through shops and online auctions using many cryptocurrencies.

Openartis will create a revolutionary ecosystem that enables the adaptation of cryptocurrencies to everyday life. Using blockchain technology, the goal of the project is to give users a secure place to trade cryptocurrencies, provide services, data hosting and a payment environment that creates a complete ecosystem for both small and large companies, as well as private individuals.

The main element of the project will be an innovative trading platform that allows you to create stores, sell, buy and create online auctions using many cryptocurrencies for payment. It will be integrated with its own cryptocurrency market and in the future with payment cards being a safe cryptocurrency multi-wallet that can be used in online and traditional stores.

What distinguishes Openartis from other projects is the possibility of free-of-charge exchange of one cryptocurrency into another while shopping. Moreover, one of the parts of the ecosystem will be integrated with the mobile application: a cryptocurrency market on which the fees will be reduced to the necessary minimum needed to maintain the system.

The goal set by the dev team for the next 3 years is to launch solutions that allow cryptocurrencies to enter e-commerce and online stores market, as well as to establish
cooperation with at least 5,000 stores in each of the countries currently leading in e-commerce
(China, the USA, the UK, Japan, Germany, France, South Korea, Canada, Russia, Brazil, among others).

Amazing solutions such as the Mass Order system will be developed. It will allow shop
owners and individuals to create shopping groups. Sellers will be able to place on large
order together with the producer, reducing logistics costs. The Openartis team will include
managers for customers who use the Mass Order system. Support will enable large-scale
buyers and individuals to implement an expected means of payment accepted by producers (for instance Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum), negotiate product prices and delivery terms. In this way, cryptocurrencies will be disseminated as a payment method among global producers.

It's still not everything...

A revolutionary ecosystem consisting of trade and services platform, its own cryptocurrency market, a mobile application that integrates stores and the cryptocurrency market, free-of-charge exchange of cryptocurrencies, and all that supported by its own blockchain is not the end. Achieving the ICO hard cap will allow the development of an international logistics network that will be used by the platform’s users and sellers.

The latter will be able to send their goods to one of Openartis logistic centers. The platform will
manage the logistic process as well as customer service, handling returns and guarantees.
Such a solution gives users of the platform the highest quality of service and sellers an
opportunity to focus on running their business.

Openartis will also provide the necessary marketing tools for sellers and companies including among others: Internet advertising, creating websites, landing pages, sales funnels, mailing lists, newsletters. It’s a full package of tools to develop your own business.

It is estimated that over the next 3 years the e-commerce market will reach a turnover of $4
880 000 000 000 000 000.00.

Openartis will use blockchain technology to provide a revolutionary ecosystem consisting

1. A commerce and service platform using cryptocurrencies as a means of payment
2. An integrated cryptocurrency market with free exchange during shopping
3. A mobile application (for the cryptocurrency market and platform)
4. The Mass Order system for sellers, small and large companies
5. A logistic network servicing trade as part of the platform’s operation.

In the future, the whole will be complemented by the original card payment system where
users will have funds available in various cryptocurrencies. Thanks to the application of
own blockchain, the money will be integrated with the Openartis cryptocurrency market
and the trading platform. In the future, you will be able to use our payment cards in all
stores (not only online).

Due to the dynamic development of the Openartis project, the cryptocurrency, and e-commerce
market we expect a significant increase in the value of our tokens which will be
one of many available means of payment within the ecosystem and platform. By
developing our capabilities, using smart contracts and blockchain technology, Openartis
will significantly contribute to the growth of cryptocurrency and e-commerce market,
increasing its value over the next decades.

Token Info

1 ETH =
35 tokens
Min. Investment:
0.7 ETH
Cycles ( resource : 0 / 0 ETH / 0 USD )
  1. 25
    Milestone IIPFS
    30 Jun- 07 Jul
    totally spent in this milestone
    875,000,000 eth

    The launch of the Openartis the Mobile APP
    Definition of Done
    The launch of the Openartis the Mobile APP
  2. 50
    Milestone IIIPFS
    10 Jul- 28 Jul
    totally spent in this milestone
    1,750,000,000 eth

    Establishment of own blockchain to improve the operation of the platform and its own cryptocurrency
    Definition of Done
    Establishment of own blockchain to improve the operation of the platform and its own cryptocurrency
  3. 25
    Milestone IIIIPFS
    31 Jul-
    totally spent in this milestone
    875,000,000 eth

    Start of construction of the first of the central warehouses
    Definition of Done
    Start of construction of the first of the central warehouses