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Software solution for ICO crowdsales of unmatched security

ICOadmin is an innovative tech company, aiming to provide secure and convenient ICO software solutions, including ICO platform, bounty software, ICO consulting and smart contract development. The team behind our product consists of leading software developers with experience the following technologies stack: Ruby on Rails, Jenkins, mongoDB, PostgreSQL. Together with our dedicated, professional marketers, account managers, and support teams we strive to deliver the best possible experience support and security, and assist our clients in launching their ICO.

Decentralized cryptocurrency market

Swap.Online is the decentralized cryptocurrency market. It is about only your browser. No apps, no middlemen. Instantly. Swap.Online offers users its own p2p protocol, fully decentralized and perfectly safe exchange right in browser and the solution for cryptoprojects funding.

Blockchain-based e-payments platform

BCSHOP.IO – an e-commerce platform based on blockchain technology. BCSHOP.IO integrates Jury.Online’s technology into its project, which allows digital service and product providers to sell their creations online in exchange for cryptocurrencies. With this partnership, escrow payments can be more efficiently managed on the BCShop.io platform, and smart contract disputes can be more easily and quickly settled.

Transportation services' marketplace

BRIXBY.IO – is a decentralised transportation application, cooperates with Jury.Online for the implementation escrow of the contributor’s funds and release of the funds to the Brixby project once the set goals have been reached. Jury.Online experts-arbiters from the fintech, law, IT and blockchain industry will be independent and unbiased advisers of the realization of the Project’s roadmap.