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Wanchain Fully Completed Token Swap Phase - Wanchain News, WAN Price Chart. Tuesday, August 28

28 august 2018, 11:20 by Vergil Younge

Wanchain is a blockchain ecosystem which explores the possibilities of convenient methods to exchange and swap the tokens and cryptocurrencies between different blockchains, with features like privacy protection and cross-chain smart contracts. The Wanchain infrastructure makes it easier for developers to create distributed financial applications, but also to access financial services such as loans, asset exchange, multi-asset ICOs, and other asset management capabilities. Wanchain 2.0 enabled the cross-chain functionalities with Ethereum.

Important Wanchain Cryptocurrency News

Wanchain fully completed token swap phase

Most of the investors, who got into the Wanchain project by buying WAN on exchanges such as Binance, Huobi or Kucoin, owned already new type of tokens. However, Wanchain as a project started like many others through ICO and ERC-20 based tokens. The token sale was completed on 4th of October 2017. The mainnet was launched on 18th of January 2018. Since then, original purchases have been entitled to swap the coins in a 1:1 ratio.

Now, just recently Jack Lu, the founder of Wanchain, has announced that the Wanchain ERC-20 Token Swap has been fully finalized. And they won't be accepting any swaps anymore.

It is a great step for the project as a whole, as they left behind their ERC-20 and Ethereum-based phase and can now act as a fully independent project, exactly what they are doing since the mainnet launches, as Wanchain 2.0 is already up and there are preparations for version 3.0 to be released quite soon. They aim to connect blockchains of Ethereum and Bitcoin to be interoperable. You can read a full article where we take a look at Wanchain 3.0 and its features here. 

WAN Price

WAN Price Movement Analysis

A quick look at the price chart, shows that WAN is taking a neat crosswise upward trend. The price is connecting left bottom with the right top of the box. Period between August 23rd to 26th was very calm without any significant price spikes or fluctuations. It was confidently and stably going from $0.8 to $1.12. On August 26th WAN experienced a sudden drop, however most of the cryptocurrencies on the market did. It fell to $0.98 and used it to bounce incredibly fast to $1.30, where it hasn't been since August 7th. Next days were still in the green zone, however the price has become more volatile with numerous rapid spikes. WAN hit $1.41, then fell to $1.25, just to recover again above $1.30, where it is trading right now with more stabilized sideways movements.

WAN/USD Price Chart, Tuesday August 28th:

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