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Waltonchain Said to Survive Potential "Crypto Apocalypse" - Waltonchain News, WTC Price Analysis. Thursday, August 30

30 august 2018, 18:56 by Vergil Younge

Waltonchain Cryptocurrency News

Professor Kim Suk Ki Appraised as Fujian Province High-Level Talent

One of the members of Waltonchain Team, Professor Kim Suk Ki was honored as a Type A High-Level Talent of Fujian Province. It is quite remarkable as: "According to Measures for Evaluation & Introduction of High-Level Talents in Fujian Province, Action Plan to Strengthen Talent Introduction in Fujian Province, Methods for Declaration and Confirmation in High-Level Talent Introduction in Fujian Province and other documents by Steering Work Group for Talents of CPC Fujian Provincial Committee, a total of 43 people have become High-Level Talents (Type A, B and C) of Fujian province."

The whole program aims to connect various talented people with entrepreneurial, innovative, academic, technological and management abilities. Kim Suk Ki has published more than 250 academic papers and has more than 60 patents. He is the leader of Silicon, which is a team working on the R&D; of infrared chips and IoT switch chips used by the Waltonchain project. He managed to commercialize the chips and make it available for wider use, making them smaller and cheaper than before.

WTC Price

WTC Price Movement Analysis

Waltonchain seems to try to fight the market trends and doesn't always follow the price movements of giants such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. On August 25th, WTC was trading relatively low in the $3.3 region. It then raised quite rapidly to $3.84 within few hours and after few gains and corrections, WTC landed above $4.30. Then a sudden price fall can be noticed, which is directly connected with the whole cryptocurrency market going down. WTC managed to stop at $3.90 and used the bounce to get to even higher marks, hitting $4.41 at the top. Since then, the coin fluctuated a bit, trying to remain above $4. There were two drops which brought it below to $3.95 on August 29th and then $3.85 the same day after a recovery to $4.20. Currently WTC is going against the flow and while top coins are falling down, it is increasing in value, getting +9.46% in last 24 hours.

Waltonchain Said to Survive Potential "Crypto Apocalypse"

Investinblockchain has published an interesting article where they go through most of today's popular cryptocurrencies and try to assess if the projects have any chances to survive in case of a very bad market situation or potential crash. It is known that today's prices are mostly affected by price movements of Bitcoin or Ethereum and when one of these coins lose value, altcoins sometimes lose twice as much.

Waltonchain has been listed 4th among the coins with potentially bright future. The project evaluations are based on few core elements:
"- Strong community
- Actual product with a product-market fit
- Elite team
- Fully capitalized (many projects will be decimated because their treasury was stored as ETH. ETH is down 60-80% since many 2017 ICOs)
- Old projects that are still relevant (Lindy effect)
- Projects supported by China which, in case you haven’t noticed, is becoming the next technological world leader"

They say that: "WTC will survive the bear market because of their many real-world use cases, support from future superpower China, and the fact that they’re a highly defensible business."

WTC/USD Price Chart, Thursday August 30th:

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