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Smart Contracts On Bitcoin Cash? A New Programming Language Introduced - Bitcoin Cash News. Saturday, October 27th

27 october 2018, 11:39 by Jesús S. Affigne

A new programming language for BCH smart contracts has been released

Developers used to C language will find it familiar to work with

A developer has released the first version of a new programming language for coding smart contracts on the Bitcoin Cash protocol. ‘Spedn’ is the name of this new coding language created by Tendo Pein, and it aims to facilitate the creation of smart contracts with a safe and explicit programming environment, as well as a syntax that will feel familiar to those used to C language.

According to Pein, he created this new language out of frustration with Bitcoin’s Script, explaining that every time he tried to read any article regarding any specs of Bitcoin Cash smart contracts, he struggled to understand it. In his own words, Script is “one of those esoteric languages made with the sole purpose of making your brain hurt.”

Although he considers it a brilliant language for coding, it is difficult to understand due to being low-level. In other words, it is “an assembly language for Bitcoin Cash virtual machine bytecode”. Because of this, he felt the need for creating something more user-friendly when developing smart contracts on this blockchain platform. That’s why he created Spedn.

Specs of Spedn

Spedn is a High-level smart contract language for Bitcoin Cash, and it was developed to provide explicitness and safety, according to Pein.

The language is statically typed – it can detect any error at the moment of compiling – and explicitly typed, which means there is no room for guessing what the expression is intended to return. In addition, the language is free of side effects, which Pein states is the common source of bugs, and it syntax is similar to the widely used programming language C.

The developer released a documentation containing all Spedn’s specifications, such as contract templates, lexical scopes, functions, and more. It also has a quick start guide and two examples of this language being used.

Pein stressed that this project is still in an experimental phase, and although many changes are expected to come in the future, he invited contributors to help further develop this new programming environment. 

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