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Litecoin News: $62M Sent For Barely $0.5

The power of cryptos: $62M in Litecoin sent for barely $0.5 It is one of the largest transaction ever made in the so called “silver coin” network Litecoin (LTC) has seen the processing of one of the most valuable transactions ever taking plac...

IOTA To Automatize Parking Payments - IOTA News

IOTA sees another use case in the car industry with carVertical It aims to automatize parking payments A new use case for IOTA is on development for a future implementation in a car-oriented mobile app. carVertical, a decentralized car histor...

Is XRP Compliant With The Islamic Law? Ripple's Middle East Expansion - Ripple (XRP) News

Is XRP compliant with the Islamic law?  It all comes to tokenizing assets with integrity A major representative of blockchain payment firm Ripple has commented that many of the technological solutions his company offers are well compatible wi...

Bitcoin Cash Price: BCH Soars By 7% Following An Announcement By Binance

Bitcoin Cash Soars By 7% Following An Announcement By Binance, Confirming Support Of The Upcoming Hard Fork. Following an announcement by popular cryptocurrency exchange Binance- confirming their support for Bitcoin Cash’s upcoming hard fork, BC...

Bitcoin Cash Will Be Halted In Ledger, Until There Is A Dominant Chain - Bitcoin Cash News

Until there is a dominant chain, Bitcoin Cash services will be halted in Ledger The interruption will match the upcoming hard fork Hardware wallet manufacturer Ledger has recently announced to its users to be prepared for this November 15, da...

What Is Stellar Starlight And Why It Has Been Developed?

This new project for the Stellar blockchain is being developed as a bi-directional, instant payment protocol with payment channels and zero-fee transactions that enables parties to transact in an secure, private, free and instant way... What is ...

Yaz Khoury: "Ethereum Classic is like a Phoenix that rose from its ashes"

Khoury: Ethereum Classic is like a Phoenix that rose from its ashes He assures that this is thanks to the support of the community Ever since the DAO attack that ended in the split of Ethereum’s mainnet, one of the forks positioned itself as ...

Serguei Popov On "Why IOTA Is All About Freedom" - IOTA News

Why IOTA is all about freedom? Serguei Popov intends to explain it In a series of blog posts The IOTA network is certainly one different distributed ledger technology (DLT). Alone with its Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG, also known as the Tangle...

What Is Monero's "Bulletproof" Technology That Just Went Live? - Monero (XMR) News

Monero’s next big update goes live It enables the “Bulletproof” technology Users of the privacy-focused blockchain Monero are used to see regular hard forks of the mainnet, due to new implementations, features and tweaks to improve stability,...


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