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Monero's Lead Developer Calls Ethereum: “Idiotic, unscalable idea” - Ethereum (ETH) News. Thursday, November 8th

08 november 2018, 18:23 by Jesús S. Affigne

Riccardo Spagni, Monero, lashes out against Ethereum

He calls it an “idiotic, unscalable idea”

Riccardo Spagni, one of Monero’s main developer and maintainer, has recently shared his thoughts on Ethereum, and how it has failed to deliver what it has promised, according to him. Spagni, who goes on Twitter by the alias “fluffypony”, got interested in a tweet posted by Joanna Rutkowska – who is Chief Strategy and Security officer for blockchain project Golem.

Rutowska was trying to grasp the “essential_features_ of The Ethereum vs mere_implementation_ ‘details’”, and to do that, she elaborated a thought experiment in which a traditional server was launched into Earth’s orbit, comparing it to as reasonably a good solution as Ethereum.”

Spagni, however, begged to differ on this matter, arguing the failure of Ethereum in delivering what it has promised. “Ethereum is an idiotic, unscalable idea that has neither delivered on its “world computer” promise, nor created any useful decentralised apps with any real use, nor created a robust and scalable decentralised system,” he said.

Furthermore, he criticized the idea of Ethereum developers on adding a difficulty bomb to their current Proof of Work (PoW) consensus algorithm, only to have an excuse to change it to Proof of Stake – which, according to him, is not as “robust and secure” as they think.

In regards to the way of building a safe and decentralized system, he told Rutowska that for starters, principles such as using things that are proven to be strong, then building on top of them, should be taken into consideration, and exemplified his argument with Lightning Network, which is a layer 2 solution built on top of Bitcoin.

Boiling the Ocean

Another point he complained about was Ethereum’s supposedly going overboard by allowing others to develop dApps for its platform, in what he deemed as a “Boil the Ocean” strategy that hasn’t added any value to the network. 

“Decentralization isn’t just a box you tick when building an app, it’s not simply a feature,” he replied to Igor Lilic – Co-Founder of Blackcomb Software – when he stated that his argument was making no sense. “It’s an entire ethos that has to be taken from the beginning, and the compromises (eg. speed) that affect the users are acceptable because of *reasons*.”

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