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Monero Launches Website To Help Those Infected By Mining Malware - Monero (XMR) News. Wednesday, September 26

26 september 2018, 08:44 by Jesús S. Affigne

Monero launches a website to help those infected by mining malware

Those affected by in-browse mining and Monero ransomware can find help there, too

A Monero developer has recently announced that the Monero Malware Response workgroup launched a dedicated website to provide assistance to those who are being affected by malware or other ill-intended issues that are related to this cryptocurrency.

“NEW: The Monero Malware Response workgroup has created a dedicated website to help those who are infected with mining malware, have come across unwanted in-browser mining, or have hit Monero ransomware. Community support for those affected is coming soon!” reads the tweet by Riccardo Spagni, also known as fluffypony in the community.

Users who enter the website will find three specific issues – Unwanted in-Browser mining, for people who have a hard time working on their computer, especially when they open a browser; Unwanted System mining, which is similar to the first one, but the problem is caused by a specific program running in the background; and Monero ransomware, where all files in the victim’s computer are locked or hidden, and a message demanding payment in this crypto asset appears.

All of the three issues have a description of their respective problem, the reason behind them and various solutions the affected may give a try.

If neither of the recommended actions solve the issue, or if the victim has another type or problem, they can get in touch with the Community Support (to be launched, per the tweet).

Easy money for the wrongdoer

Mining cryptocurrencies has become one of the most popular activities worldwide. Depending on the equipment, electricity costs and value of the coin to mine, among other factors, can be quite profitable. But it can also be quite expensive to set it up, and there are people who can’t afford buying even the minimum required machinery to start mining a cryptocurrency.

So these people resort to make others mine for them and make some profit – without the affected even knowing they are mining at all, and earning not a single coin from that. This is called cryptojacking, and a very popular software used to mine Monero, Coinhive, is often injected into unsuspecting code (such as a web browser or a web page) to mine for these cybercriminals, drastically reducing the victim’s computer performance.

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