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Monero Ecosystem Welcomes Two New Repositories - Monero (XMR) News. Tuesday, October 9th

09 october 2018, 18:42 by Jesús S. Affigne

Monero Ecosystem welcomes two new repositories

Development on the blockchain keeps going

Developers working on privacy-focused blockchain Monero has recently seen the addition of two new repositories joining the list. Python-monerorpc and monero-wallet-java are the new tools available on the Monero Ecosystem project.

The announcement was made by redditor ErCiccione, identified as the Monero Translations Coordinator. “Python-monerorpc, an improved version of python-jsonrpc for Monero and monero-wallet-java, a Java interface for managing the Monero wallet, just joined the Monero Ecosystem family! New tools to play with for our developers!” said the post.

About python-monerorpc and monero-wallet-java

Python-monerorpc is a tool developed by normoes. It is a fork of another similar tool developed for Bitcoin – python-bitcoinrpc, which in turn is based on python-jsonrpc – created to communicate with monero over remote procedure call (RPC).

On the other hand, the monero-wallet-java is a tool by woodser whose main function is to provide a Java interface for the Monero wallet, by running on a Monero Wallet RPC instance. Interesting, this could be implemented along with the aforementioned tool.

About Monero Ecosystem Project

The Monero Ecosystem project is a hub with many repositories available for any developer that is currently working on the Monero blockchain. Maintained by the community, it host a plethora of programs, scripts, documents and any other useful tool to be used by any enthusiast of the privacy-focused cryptocurrency.

It was initiated by ErCiccione, with the purpose of providing a common place for Monero-related repositories that for some reason are only published in the developer’s personal account, losing the opportunity to reach a wider audience. As of yet, it holds about 20 different repos, including the aforementioned two.

It has a horizontal governance system that allow any member or repo maintainer within the community to vote which projects or proposals should be included into the ecosystem, and which not; a decision that will depend on the support it manages to get from the 50%+1 of the maintainers that are participating to the discussion. The same mechanism applies for any substantial decision on the ecosystem project

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