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Mobius2D Lottery dApp is Gaining Interest - dApp News. Wednesday, October 3

03 october 2018, 23:48 by Gilbert Hanson

Mobius2D Lottery dApp is Gaining Interest — dApp News

Gaining Users' Interest

The dApp has been active for relatively short period of time, however recently on October 1st, the amount of users have increased from 33 to more than 260 in just 24 hours with the daily volume of 417ETH. In only last 24 hours there have been over 1,000 transactions within the contract.

Lots of Promises

While the cryptocurrency market has proved to be able to enrich early investors, any promises about big rewards with little investments are still frowned upon and often considered scam. Mobius 2D could be shortly summed up as an "investment/lottery game, which brings you passive returns for participating"

The sole idea is quite simple: "Get in early, shill, win real cash and buy a lambo." For some it may sound familiar as there have been some attempts for such games based on blockchain technology and smart contracts, but also we can find similiar lotteries and schemes among mainstream project. The sole idea may sound "too good to be true" and some people may automatically assume there needs to be a catch somewhere, however, by looking at the sole game mechanism, there doesn't seem to be any catch or hidden costs. But that doesn't mean it is that easy to win.

You participate in the game by buying special shares, which add up minutes to the main timer. If the timer goes to zero, the last person who had bought the ticket wins the pot. That means, the game could go for eternity, but also end very quickly. It all depends on the amount of users, interest in the project and available funds.

The division of funds within the contract is quite transparent:
"1. Jackpot - 15% of all incoming ETH goes to the jackpot for the round.
2. Returns - 65% goes to investors in the round. Returns are paid, any time someone makes a purchase, to all previous investors in the round.
3. Dev share - 5% it is what the Möbius team gets.
4. Dividends - 9% goes to Mobius token holders. Tokens can only be issued during the first round
5. Jackpot Seed - 5% - this will be used to seed the Jackpot for the next round.
6. Airdrops - 1% is used for random airdrops for investors who spend more than 0.1 ETH at one time."


The sole idea of such lottery is not original and the developers don't hide the fact that they wanted to improve the Fomo3D dapp. The creators of Fomo3D came up with an interesting way to combine both lottery which usually relies purely on luck, with a competitivness and fun offered by regular games, both gambling related but also regular ones purely for the entertainment.

The key aspects that they wanted to add are instant returns and more efficiency. Moreover, the player can access his partial returns instantly.

Will these types of decentralized application start ruling on the market? Is it good usage for blockchain and smart contracts technologies?

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