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Localethereum Announced Integration With Popular Ethereum Wallets - Ethereum News. Monday, October 22nd

22 october 2018, 22:01 by Jesús S. Affigne

Localethereum announced integration with popular Ethereum wallets

Users of imToken and MetaMask can now send and receive funds directly through the platform

Ethereum Marketplace Localethereum (LE) has recently rolled out an update to its login system, and users can now connect their favorite Ethereum wallet to their account. According to its official blog, the platform is now compatible with external software or hardware wallets, so those who prefer using theirs rather than the built-in web wallet can do so.

Until now, people had to stick to the well-known username and password login system, and once through the process, they were assigned with a free ETH wallet that is encrypted in the user’s browser. “We made this decision because we didn’t want to create a hurdle for users new to Ethereum,” the platform assured.

More than a week ago, however, a developer of the platform posted on its official Twitter account, a teaser of this new feature, in which they demonstrated a transaction going from and to a Ledger crypto hardware wallet, using localethereum’s escrow smart contract. With the official release of this feature, they have now open the possibility for advanced users who wish to have more control over their funds.

“Recently, we re-visited that decision and decided to enable both methods: we’re keeping the current username & password model, and we’re adding support for users to sign in with their wallets,” LE explained, adding that the feature is available to both new and already registered users.

How it works?

Simply put, when choosing this mode, users will have to sign a message from their connected wallet to authorize any function. In other words, the platform will send a “signature request” and the owner has to approve it from within the wallet. This is true for every single interaction with any operation, so it comes as a minor downside for those who are accustomed to a faster, less complicated way to go through their transaction.

The platform claims that as a result, funds are never touching LE servers. “This is cool because we get to show off the non-custodial aspect of the platform.”

Compatible wallets

According to the post, any web3 wallet and dApp browser is fully compatible with LE. They also recommend to use wallets such as imToken, MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet and even the popular hardware crypto wallet Ledger.

Support for even more wallets, as well as the WalletConnect protocol, is planned for the future. In the meantime, they encourage people to give this feature a try if they are well-versed in the Ethereum matter, while advising those new to the Ethereum ecosystem to stick to the old method for the time being. 

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