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Lisk News and Price Overview: One Of The First ICO To Run On Lisk! Wednesday, August 1

01 august 2018, 19:06 by Tim Jackson

Important Lisk News

Recently, among the interesting Lisk announcements and news, there appear more and more information about future projects will be built upon Lisk technology. With their mainnet being heavily tested and first tools and information for developers being released, Lisk utility and impact on the cryptocurrency world significantly increases.

One Of The First ICO To Run On Lisk

Madana, which vision is "to create a decentralized pool of information to benefit users." will be running their ICO on Lisk. While going on the project's site, potential investors and users can clearly read that "MADANA is backed by Max Kordek (CEO of Lisk), trusted by Capgemini and one of the first ICOs under German law." Such information undoubtedly acts as a great advertisement and encouragement for many to research the project further. They also don't hide that they are looking for next project to run on this blockchain and to benefit from their project: "As early Lisk supporters and the first major ICO on Lisk, we provide a new business model for future dApps and existing services. Lisk based projects can easily use MADANA to gain insights and monetize data in a privacy-preserving way."

One of the users on Reddit - neo_mkl, shared this information, creating a discussion within the Lisk community, which shows that they are happy to see new projects being created upon their favourite  one: "The first Lisk ICO is soon to happen, the whitelisting process starts today at 12:00 CET. Interested to gauge the interest in this project, who's planning to take part, I am!"

New Project To Use Lisk's Sidechains

Currently, most of ICOs and new tokens are based on Ethereum ERC-20. GNY project brings good news to the whole Lisk community, as they will be the first to run their ICO on Lisk using the sidechain features.

One of the representatives of GNY project Richard Kent, talked briefly about the initial and potential further cooperation with Lisk developers and the whole team, as Lisk has been always keen on supporting financially any projects built upon it: "Lisk will be highlighted in an update to the white paper pre launch. At the moment its focus is on showing the ML component, it will evolve to include recent updates. We are open to Lisk HQ looking into the project, legal structure and certainly would discuss what Pioneers vault could add. But I will add we are currently self funded and stand on our ability to do it."

He also clarifies their current support for Lisk's technology and the whole project: "In terms of our commitment to Lisk you can see our delegate registration under GNYDEVS. We made this registration to show a history of investing into the network and be open with the community about the faith we had in it."

Gny main aim is to introduce machine learning to the existing blockchains and help connect them in an universal system: "GNY brings its own dedicated blockchain that can host side chains, offering a powerful set of tools to launch and host your own project from conception to implementation in the most developer friendly environment built around artificial intelligence"

Lisk Price

With new announcements and new Lisk updates, investors should pay close attention to the LSK price movement as it could easily be affected by any positive piece of news.

LSK/USD Price Chart, Wednesday August 1st:

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