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Lisk (LSK), Decred (DCR) and Wanchain (WAN) Weekly Charts Overview - Cryptocurrency Price. Monday, October 1

01 october 2018, 17:58 by Jesús S. Affigne

Lisk (LSK), Decred (DCR) and Wanchain (WAN) weekly charts quick review

Have a look at the performance of these three crypto assets this week

The volatility in the crypto market is basically its main characteristic. Traders and investors are used to see the charts behaving like a crazed seismograph from time to time, which depending on their positions, could pose them some earnings. Today, we’re looking at the performance of Lisk (LSK), Decred (DCR) and Wanchain (WAN).


Starting off the list is Lisk, which is looking to close the week around the same market cap as at the beginning of it, $385 million. Its chart reflects that the coin has been pretty active over the course of the last seven days. Its lowest point in its LSK/USD exchange rate came on September 25, when it quoted at $3.19. Since then, it has been looking to recover back to its initial value.

At press time, it is quoting at $3.41 per token, and has a market capitalization of $377 million, with a 24H transaction volume of $5.6 million.

LSK/USD Price Chart, Monday October 1st:

Decred DCR/USD

Next crypto asset is Decred. With an initial value of $39 per coin and a market cap of $332.9 million, the “autonomous digital currency” slipped from its initial position and kept falling in value for at least two days, reaching to its lowest point on September 26, when it quoted at $35.95, and its market cap was reduced by 7.8% ($ 306.7 million). Since then, the coin began a bullish rally to not only recover its lost value, but also earn a little bit in the process.

At the moment, the LSK is looking to close its weekly performance at $39.57 in its LSK/USD exchange rate, and with a market cap of $338.6 million.

DCR/USD Price Chart, Monday October 1st:

Wanchain WAN/USD

Last but not least, we have Wanchain, which is looking to be the worst performer of this list. Starting off with a price per coin of $1.03 and a market cap of $109.7, the bears weren’t as merciful with this asset as they were with the other two, slapping it down to $0.87 in its WAN/USD exchange rate and wiping out about $16.8 million from its market cap, on September 25. Since then, its performance has been quite volatile, as if the coin was struggling to recover back.

As of now, the coin is registering an 8.5% losses in its market cap ($ 100.3 million) and the price of its coin quotes at $0.94

WAN/USD Price Chart, Monday October 1st:

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