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Ethereum Classic NiPoPoW Could Be A Bad Idea According to McIntyre. Friday, November 9th

09 november 2018, 22:12 by Jesús S. Affigne

NiPoPoW on Ethereum Classic could be a bad idea, according to McIntyre

However it could work well at the sidechain layer

Biz developer at Ethereum Classic (ETC), Donald McIntyre, has shared his thoughts on what could mean an implementation of Non-Interactive Proofs of Proof-of-Work (NiPoPoWs) on ETC’s mainnet, and why it would be better to leave it out of the base layer.

In a thread posted on Twitter, McIntyre – known as TokenHash on the aforementioned social platform – explains in response to IOHK devs Dionysis and Charles that going with velvet forks cause “asymmetry between participant segments” because of the implication of having a group of node or miners doing some things that the other group don’t. Therefore, the economic discrepancies that this cause will ultimately lead people to adopt changes.

“What you mention as the benefit of "upgradeability" is really a security hole,” he said. “We don' want to force changes in base layer network just b/c others made changes.”

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Part of what makes appealing cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is their characteristic decentralization, in which these are not governed by anyone nor have a fixed path that everybody must follow, ergo, they should not be force to adopt changes they don’t feel it will be good for them. And this is the point McIntyre tries to make from by stating that it is more of a security hole rather than a benefit of upgradeability.

Another issue he pointed out is that NiPoPoWs can enable sharding of Turing-complete blockchains but this, far from being a scalability benefit, it also brings another security hole. “Enabling sharding is enabling fragmentation of blockchains. That runs contrary to the whole idea of replicated database security,” he stated.

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McIntyre concluded that introducing asymmetries, fragmentation and cross “innovation” via enforcing changes that could be unwanted by people are risks not worth taking on the mainnet. However, they could go out well on low risk sidechains.

So, what are NiPoPoWs?

According to the official website of the project developed by the aforementioned two developers, these are standalone strings of code that allows checking events happening on blockchains governed by Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus algorithms, without having to connect to the internet for doing so. As such, it does not requires downloading every block header while inspecting.

This can be used to create “very efficient mobile wallets”, by reducing the amount of information to be downloaded – a small sample of block headers in comparison to SPV wallets, which has to download full block headers.

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