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Ethereum Classic 2018 Price Prediction: Could ETC Hit $40 Again? - Monday, September 24

25 september 2018, 07:54 by John Kiguru

Ethereum Classic 2018 Price Prediction; Could It Hit $40 Again?

Ethereum Classic has come under criticism since it forked from Ethereum. Although the coin offered some major solutions to Ethereum and other older coins, it was hard for users and investors to see past the ‘betrayal’. Now, however, investors and users are starting to see the benefits of Ethereum Classic with some even claiming that "Ethereum Classic is better than Ethereum", as it is often called "the Real Ethereum".

ETH Price Prediction

Like most cryptocurrencies, the coin has been in the red zone for much of the year. Since its all-time high of $45.51 in January, the coin has fallen over the months to reach around $11. Surprisingly, although the coin has lost a lot, it remains one of the best performing coins and one of the few to have not registered a ridiculous loss. In the last couple of weeks, the coin has been hovering just above $10. So, could this be a buying opportunity?

And Could we see the coin break out and hit its all-time high again?

There has been much awareness about the coin and the project behind it. Like Ethereum, Ethereum Classic offers a public, decentralized platform where developers can build decentralized applications (dapps). However, where Ethereum is largely thought not to be fully decentralized, Ethereum Classic is fully decentralized. In addition, Ethereum Classic has a capped supply that ensures inflation of the coin does not affect developers working in the ecosystem. This has given investors additional confidence over the project and has attracted developers to the project.

The project is also working on a proof of work consensus. This is expected to attract miners to the network and make the project environment-friendly.

At the time of press, the coin is trading at $11.21, down by 2.71% in the last 24 hours, due to the negative market movement, especially the price falls of top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. That is the struggle that every altcoin holder needs to face, as very often their favourite coins lose value, not because of some negative news or information, but simply because of Bitcoin price movements and speculations.

Ethereum Classic can easily hit its all-time price and go even beyond, however, it will take more than being better than Ethereum. Ethereum is widely adopted and respected and it will take long for Ethereum Classic to prove to investors and users it is a better option. For it to reach its all-time high in 2018, the market needs to be performing positively, and this is majorly determined by bitcoin’s price.

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