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Craig Wright hopes To Wreck Bitcoin Cash ABC - Bitcoin Cash News

18 november 2018, 12:19 by Jesús S. Affigne

Craig Wright hopes to wreck Bitcoin Cash ABC 

He doesn't want two chains coexisting after the fork

Craig Wright, founder of nChain and the man behind the upcoming proposal Bitcoin Cash SV (BSV), has shown that he is not willing to give up on his ambitions to push forward the adoption of his fork from Bitcoin Cash (BCH), even going as far as to wreck the whole blockchain if it is necessary.

In an interview with DecryptMedia, the man who is known among the crypto community as “faketoshi” (due to his allegations that he is the real man behind the Bitcoin Core project, Satoshi Nakamoto, has stated that in the next hard fork, users will not have the option of having the two resulting chains coexisting in the crypto space, as he will make everything within his grasp to force the demise of one of them – Bitcoin ABC.

“There is no bitcoin gold, no BTC vs ABC-type battle here. This is one or the other. Long term, one dies. There is zero chance of both surviving,” he said.

For this end, he is trying to force a decision by not agreeing to implement “replay-protection” on the chain. Due to this, users will have to choose between one or another.

In a quick note, replay protection is a security measure relatively common to any hard fork on any blockchain, to prevent hackers and other unscrupulous people from committing double spending of funds in the resulting chains.

Since it needs from miners to reach consensus in order to be applied, Wright opted for vetoing this security measure.

This can be dangerous for both upcoming chains, as the fear of falling victim to such an attack like this (which becomes common each time a major hard fork will take place).

However, BSV doesn’t look too good in terms of support from the crypto community, and 2 days before the awaited split, several major crypto exchanges and high-profile individuals have already announced they will be having ABC as their main crypto.

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