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Changelly Withholding Monero and Other Privacy Coins for KYC - Monero News, XMR Price Chart. Friday, September 7th

07 september 2018, 18:48 by Jofor Humani

Important Monero News

Mega Chrome Extension Hack Predisposes users to Have their Monero Stolen

A web security expert SerHack revealed on Tuesday that the Mega Chrome Extension had been compromised predisposing users to having their usernames and passwords stolen. The release also stated that the hackers were particularly interested in sites such as Amazon, GitHub, Google and Microsoft portals. It further stated that the version 3.39.4 is the latest version of the Mega Chrome Extension.

Apparently, users who downloaded the ‘upgraded’ version had the app seek for suspicious permission which prompted some such as a Reddit user to manually check the code and concluded that the app was hacked. It was later discovered that it has been harvesting usernames and passwords from many sites.

Monero released its own warning, telling users that they stand the risk of having their Monero (XMR) stolen if they used the Mega Chrome Extension.

The official Monero tweet stated, "PSA: The official MEGA extension has been compromised and now includes functionality to steal your Monero." You can read more about Monero and MEGA extension on reddit discussion post., the phishing site responsible for the hack and harvesting the data has been hosted in Ukraine although the hacker behind it is not known.

Changelly Withholding Monero and Other Privacy Coins for KYC

One of the main attractions of Monero and the other privacy coins is the anonymity associated with them. This features is the reason regulators generally frown at these coins because it is believed that it is easy to conceal illegal activities such as money laundering and terror financing using these digital tokens.

Changelly, the Prague based cryptocurrency exchange has been rumored to be withholding hundreds of XMR because the owners have not completed the exchange’s KYC processes.

Although there is no proof that Monero is attractive just for illegal activities, there is no doubt that its privacy features will be irresistible to criminals.

Changelly is saying that they did not go out of their way to victimize holders of monero and that as soon as such ‘high risk’ and ‘suspicious’ transaction owners complete necessary KYC these funds will be released. This will also ensure that such accounts are not restricted in the future.

Monero Price

XMR Price is Looking Up to Bitcoin

Even though monero is down 22 percent in the past 24 hours, the coin’s outlook is not looking gloomy as with many altcoins. However, a lot depends on the ability of Bitcoin to find support and the consequent confidence it will restore to the coin market in general.

Data feed from Bitfinex shows XMR trading at $112.810. The cryptocurrency is under a mild selling pressure and a look at the 3 hour and 4 hour charts show that it has found support at the 200 EMA. There is a bigger and smaller Fibonacci retracement at 50 percent and 62 percent respectively. The old resistance has turned a support but the standing for reversal is good.

Shedir in a post at Trend View said, “XMR is the only alt which have a bullish configuration, this is why I’m going to watch monero closely a s far as Bitcoin remain bull (for a bump only, this is not the right moment to say we're going to uptrend again )”

XMR/USD Price Chart, Friday September 7th:

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