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Blockchains of Bitcoin and Ethereum to be Connected - Wanchain News, WAN Price Chart. Friday, August 24

24 august 2018, 17:08 by Gilbert Hanson

Wanchain is a blockchain ecosystem which explores the possibilities of convenient methods to exchange and swap the tokens and cryptocurrencies between different blockchains, with features like privacy protection and cross-chain smart contracts. The Wanchain infrastructure makes it easier for developers to create distributed financial applications, but also to access financial services such as loans, asset exchange, multi-asset ICOs, and other asset management capabilities. Wanchain 2.0 enabled the cross-chain functionalities with Ethereum.

Important Wanchain Cryptocurrency News

More Details About Wanchain 3.0

In a recent interview with LilUziVertcoin, the founder and CEO of Wanchain, Jack Lu talked about the upcoming version of Wanchain and their future plans and goals with the project. Wanchain 3.0 will make it possible to connect with Bitcoin much more conveniently and easily exchange BTC with the platform. Jack Lu explains: "Our main goal is to connect with Bitcoin and to prove to the community that our approach does work with the Bitcoin family, the Ethereum family, and most of the other chains in today’s blockchain world." He adds that once the connection between Ethereum and Bitcoin is established they can focus on other blockchains.

As they are two of the most popular cryptocurrencies, it is a big step for the Wanchain, as it may bring wider recognition and popularity to the project. "Basically, all the tokens on Ethereum and Bitcoin can then connect to Wanchain to leverage the cross-chain and privacy features. We can support DEXs, host ICOs and many other similar applications. We can create financial applications like token loans on Wanchain."

Wanchain Partnership with Kronos

In a blog post, Wanchain announced their new partnership with Kronos, which is a platform aiming to empower investors and traders. The post says: "Wanchain is pleased to announce a new partnership with Kronos, a financial platform that allows the average investor to access elite trading strategies employed by traditional fund managers around the world. Kronos is a valuable partner in Wanchain’s mission to expand and rebuild financial services based on blockchain technology."

WAN Price

Wanchain (WAN) To Get +6% In Last 24 Hours

While the whole cryptocurrency market struggles to decide in what direction to go while top coins fluctuating significantly, WAN seems to have chosen a confident road to highs. On August 22nd, after what seemed to be a slight recovery of cryptomarket, Bitcoin fell from $6,668 down to $6,324 in a matter of hours. This price path can be noticed while looking at Wanchain Price Chart of last 5 days. WAN spiked from $0.849 to $1.01 just to fell down below its previous stable ground. The bottom was achieved slightly above $0.76. However, the token used the bounce after the fall to set off for a rather stable road to $0.9.

It is currently trading for $0.888 with a 24 hour volume exceeding $1,500,000. There are 106,152,493 WAN in circulation and the market cap is equal to $94,319,772.

WAN/USD Price Chart, Friday August 24th:

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