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Bitcoin News and Price Overview: Google To Remove Crypto Mining Apps From Play Store. Friday, July 27

27 july 2018, 18:16 by Vergil Younge

Important Bitcoin News

Bitcoin Optech Launches To Solve BTC Scaling Troubles

A project called Bitcoin Operations Technology Group sets off to find solutions for scaling problems. The group has received support and funding from leading cryptocurrency-related projects and companies like Xapo, Ledger or Chaincode Labs, as well as from few of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinbase,, Square and BigGo. Optech's stated objective is to help companies and merchants on the Bitcoin network "adopt the best scaling techniques and technologies available".

Brock Miller from Coinbase says that: "By collaborating with leading engineers in this space, we'll be able to achieve more than we could have by tackling these problems alone."

James O'Beirne, who is Optech Developer at Chaincode Labs shares the statement and adds: "If Optech succeeds, the Bitcoin ecosystem will have higher rates of technical coordination and understanding; businesses will gain insight from the open source community, and open source engineers will understand the challenges that industrial users of Bitcoin face."

Google To Remove Crypto Mining Apps From Play Store

First, the cryptocurrency-related projects were limited from the advertising platforms, now Google targets the cryptocurrency mining apps on its pre-installed Android based app Google Play Store. The developer policies of Google Play Store have completely prohibited the cryptocurrency mining apps which supposedly feature disruptive ads.

The official announcement about this situation by Google says: "The only cryptocurrency mining apps allowed are those that mine outside of the device, like cloud-based mining." Earlier this year, Chrome Web Store has imposed a ban on the digital currency mining extensions. Currently, on Play Store only few mining apps are available; MinerGAte, NeoNeonMiner and Crypto Miner.

Looking at the responses from the community, it doesn't look like this ban will stop them from mining on their mobile devices, as Android allows to install third-party software without need for authorized store download.

Bitcoin Price

BTC Price Analysis

This week has been surprisingly good for Bitcoin, as even though the rest of the market was fluctuating and heading downwards, BTC has stabilized and even experienced a slight positive trend compared to the rest of the currencies who were walling at the time. When Bitcoin jumped from $7459 to $8302 within a day, it gave a signal for the rest of the market to raise in value also. Currently, it seems that a correction is coming as BTC has started rapidly falling from $8254 to $7919 and even lower.

BTC/USD Price Chart, Friday July 27th:

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