Jury.online – JURY.ONLINE WEEKLY NEWS DIGEST 04/06 - 10/06


Jury.Online project is glad to announce joining the International Blockchain Evaluation Forum (IBEForum) and becoming a part of it. IBEForum participants include Blockchain experts from all walks of life and around the world. Read more: https://medium.com/@Jury.Online/jury-online-joins-ibeforum-abf4686e3689.

Jury.Online team would like to introduce the new arbiter — Robby Schwertner, a blockchain enthusiast: he serves the crypto community as social media influencer and blogger focusing on cryptocurrencies and startups built on blockchain technology. His critical insights are published globally, including at www.wallstreet-online.de, he is also a frequent speaker at international blockchain events. Read more: https://medium.com/jury-online/jury-online-meet-new-arbiters-robby-schwertner-10b86f48200a.

Jury.Online, a project for Responsible ICO conduction, has applied to the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI). MCCI is a non-government, non-commercial organization, a part  of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry System of the Russian Federation. The primary objective of the MCCI is to provide support to the business community of Moscow, promote entrepreneurship in Moscow, and assist in building efficient cooperation between the business community and the authorities. Read more: https://medium.com/jury-online/jury-online-will-join-mcci-4b5a0804f568.