Jury.online – ICO Jury.Online announces its new client GGRocket

ICO Jury.Online announces its new client GGRocket

A platform for Responsible ICO Jury.Online announces its new client — GGRocket, an escrow service for in-game trading and analytical instrument that allows platforms to increase their revenue using Big Data for market predictions. In order to develop its analytical instrument GGRocket received a $300.000 grant from Microsoft.

This co-operation will benefit investors through integrating the best features of Jury.Online protocol, like arbitration and staged financing. Jury.Online is going to thoroughly support GGRocket as its client. The team will constantly update about project’s news, as success stories of our clients are now one of the key tasks.

GGRocket was originally designed to allow avoiding scamming schemes in online in-game market. GGRocket develops automatic escrow service using EOS blockchain technology, machine learning and gaming big data collecting and analyzing algorithms. GGRocket is a secure method for in-game goods and services purchase. The project is based on an already successfully operating business — Legionfarm.com.

GGRocket’s CEO and founder Alexey Belyankin founded Legionfarm.com — an escrow service and teamfinder for coaching and boosting services in online games. The company grew from $0 to $1.000.000 revenue in 2017. The team also includes top specialists in the field — developers, designers, strategists, managers, etc.

Jury.Online is a platform dedicated to security of investing into ICO projects with an integrated escrow service and possibility of benefitting from independent arbitrage in case of controversies between Investor and Project at any stage of its implementation.

Jury.Online team strongly believes in this project and our productive co-operation that will lead to mutual success.

Read more about GGRocket: https://ggrocket.io/en.