Jury.online – Jury.Online ICO Summary

Jury.Online ICO Summary

Dear friends!

These days we were under the process of calculation of the funds raised during our ICO, as a part of them has been received through icoadm.in investor dashboard, a part — through our platform, and remained part in fiat money under the private agreements. Today we would like to take stock of our crowdsale and announce the outcomes of our ICO:

Funds, collected through icoadm.in investor dashboard:

BTC 4,20213733

LTC 21,081959

ETH 4248,317872

BCH 0,17509573

ETC 150,0602886

In total, converting to USD currency, it is $3 228 464,80354841 (according to coinmarketcap.com)

The remained sum — 800 ETH ( 598 944$) has been received in fiat money according to undisclosable private agreements

To sum it up, the final figure of the funds raised during the ICO is 3 927 408,8 $

The part of funds has been invested through Jury.Online platform will be released by parts according to the milestones, and we will be announcing the release of each of them.

Current results allow to implement most of the features and services we have expected to execute, to keep working with our clients, expand our opportunities to the growing market.