Jury.online – Jury.Online investor dashboard access blocked by Roskomnadzor

Jury.Online investor dashboard access blocked by Roskomnadzor

Russia’s federal censor cut access to Jury.Online investor dashboard ensuing a massive blocking campaign.  
Roskomnadzor is 8 days in process of blocking the instant messenger Telegram on the territory of the Russian Federation. Following Telegram’s CEO Pavel Durov’s refusal to give away platform’s encryption keys, the censor filed a lawsuit against the messenger that was granted by a district court on April 13 without allowing the company to stall the appellation process. 
Providers were ordered to cut service to Telegram’s own IP addresses on April 16. However, soon hundreds of thousands of IP addresses operated by Amazon were banned due to the possibility of bypassing the blocking algorithms. Then owning to the same reason millions of Google’s cloud service IP addresses were blocked. To date over 16 million IP addresses are cut access to, Jury.Online investor dashboard amongst them.
Jury.Online team reminds that our Telegram channel is open to all questions and suggests seeking to circumvent the block via the use of VPN or proxy services.