Jury.online – Jury.Online expands relations in Asia and Europe

Jury.Online expands relations in Asia and Europe

For the last month Jury.Online which implemented the first platform for responsible ICOs based on DAICO concept has leaped to the greater heights.


Jury.Online team is currently working on expansion of international relations in Europe and Asia, cooperation with the world famous blockchain and non-blockchain companies. Thus, on the outcome of a number business trips and recent participation in the most notable crypto- and blockchain events, Jury.Online has been endorsed by the asian association of blockchain elaboration and development which binds roughly 5000 qualified experts in IT and blockchain, university professors and journalists.


Above all, Jury.Online takes part in a private investor meet up in Hong Kong and the meet up and a global conference ‘Cryptographic Investment Stability and Verification System’ in Seoul, South Korea later this month.


As the result of the growing catch on of the project in Asian countries, Jury.Online is furthermore going to open its new office there to be closer to the forthcoming promising clients and partners.


European resurgence of interest in Jury.Online currently concentrates in Switzerland, country which is historically provides the breeding grounds for blockchain industry innovations and cryptocommunities. Jury.Online has ongoing negotiations with a number of companies in Zug, Switzerland including Inacta and Cryptovalley Labs about incorporation of Jury.Online solution.


Jury.Online has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Daily Coin News, South Korea about attraction of the new clients in Asian and North American regions for Jury.Online and represent its interests there. As a part of MOU we will be conducting a private investment round with investors from Asian region. In case of successful passing of this round, Jury.Online will establish an office in South Korea to expand its business to this region.