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Jury.Online signs MOU with Linkercoin


As a result of a number private meetings in Seoul, Jury.Online team has signed an MOU with Linker Coin. According to the MOU, Linker Coin representatives led by Jeonggon Mun became Jury.Online arbiters who will be able to provide arbitration for ICO projects on the Jury.Online platform.


Thus, being the arbiters, Linker Coin members will provide decisions in disputes between ICOs and investors on the Jury.Online platform. Arbiters are defined as a group of experts in different fields (IT, finance, legal, blockchain), and when a dispute occurs, arbiters applicable to one’s field are engaged and make unbiased decisions for the issues. Through arbiters’ votes the majority of initial investment can be refunded to investors if milestones were not in agreed direction.


Jeonggon Mun, the lead arbiter of Linker Coin arbiters’ pool, is the CEO at BlockBank and Co-Founder of Linker Coin foundation and has experience previously developing cryptocurrency exchanges and currently, he is also advising multiple ICOs around the world. Before the accomplishment, Jeonggon as a market maker/general manager, spent 4 years trading HFT at Woori Investment & Securities. Lastly, he has obtained his Master of Financial Engineering in University of California, Berkeley Haas School of Business.


Linker Project provides several types of Linker - collection of the systems which facilitate the inter-transaction between Linker Coin and various economic networks built on the crypto-currency market, financial market, e-commerce market, etc.


Jury.Online is a platform for responsible ICOs and dispute resolution. Jury.Online, implements a responsible ICO feature, which is close in concept  to DAICO —  the decentralised fundraising model, proposed by Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum co-founder.


Jury.Online Responsible ICO tool ensures investors in the transparency of project’s crowdfunding by giving them the opportunity to follow up the progress of milestones’ execution and engage the assistance of public experts-arbiters if the stated objectives haven’t been reached.