Jury.online – Jury.Online & WEX: WEX-Codes for Participation in ICO

Jury.Online & WEX: WEX-Codes for Participation in ICO

WEX.nz is now supporting Jury.Online - a platform for responsible ICOs. Starting from that moment, everyone will be able to participate in Jury.Online’s ICO via WEX Codes.


Jury.Online Tokens (JOTs) can be purchased by using the WEX Codes in investor dashboard on the Jury.Online website. This is a unique agreement and Jury.Online - WEX.nz partnership is one of the first cases, bringing excellent opportunities and experience for all users of WEX Exchange and Jury.Online contributors.


Jury.Online - a platform for a responsible ICO conduction - holds its own ICO, that lasts until 30th of April, 2018. It has already collected almost 3 mln USD, which makes up for the soft cap of the project.


JOT price is set to 0.51$ per 1 JOT and the following currencies are accepted as payment - ETH, BTC, LTC, BTH, ETC and WEX Codes now. The first contributors receive special discount  - 10%-off on the first 2 days of the crowdsale and 5% — during the next 2 days.


Jury.Online is committed to provide a user-friendly service for convenient and secure ICO participation with a wide variety of investment options for potential ICO contributions.


WEX.nz (ex-BTC-e) - is a major cryptocurrency exchange with a daily turnover reaching $98 million and 1.2 million active users.

WEX code is a special code generated on the WEX Trading Platform, that allows a person to transfer funds directly (P2P) without any fees. One of the main advantages of a WEX code is the ability to conduct transactions instantly for both input and output. WEX code has no limitations on withdrawal amount.