Jury.online – ICO Prolonged Till 30th of April

ICO Prolonged Till 30th of April


Dear followers of Jury.Online,


First of all, we thank you for all the support that you provide Jury.Online during the time we are working on bringing our project to life.

Secondly, we would like to announce that we are prolonging our ICO until the 30th of April 2018. We know that you expected our ICO to be finished earlier and so did we. During the past few weeks we have made a few arrangements and received promises from both private investors and investor pool who are interested in contributing more than 3 mln USD - which will cover the set hard cap. We promise to continue working on setting new partnerships and attract more clients and arbiters to our platform.


What has been achieved so far:

  1. We’ve attracted new clients to our platform and many more are getting involved, including: Bcshop.io, Brixby.io (we have agreed on the terms of partnership and are now adjusting the platform to cover their needs). At the moment we are in negotiations with Vn3t.com, Flogmall.com, and eloom.org.

  2. We are discussing the implementation of the Jury.Online platform within the legal framework of Russian Federation, Gibraltar, Switzerland, South Korea. We have laid out a strong foundation and are now moving towards setting a new standard for responsible communication and rights protection of Investors and Projects’ all over the world.

  3. We are participating in a number of international conferences. We have already visited the UAE, South Korea and Switzerland. In UAE we started negotiations with a new client and presented Jury.Online to a broad audience, received positive feedback and set up new connections. In South Korea we have expanded our team with a new member - Lee Yun Keun, arranged a new pool of arbiters from South Korea and arranged for new investments. In Switzerland Jury.Online has received a warm welcome from potential partners, we have established new connections and are now in talks with a major partner - a deal with whom may attract even more investors and arbiters real quick. We plan on keeping up our conference presence to ensure Jury.Online’s recognition.

  4. A number of a new exchanges, arbiters and advisors willing to recover the current world of ICOs have reached out to us. We are very proud to see like-minded people trying to make the world of blockchain even better.

  5. Together with a few of our friendly-projects, which are also having their ICOs, we will hold a private roundtable with potential investors and cryptoregulators to discuss a simple and safe way to implement our platform into the legal frameworks of different countries.

  6. The Bounty campaign will be prolonged until the end of ICO or upon reaching hard cap.

  7. We have added new functionality to our platform and the Jury.Online demo version will be updated with such functions as creating your own project from scratch and becoming an arbiter of any project. All of this will give you more tools to test our playground and experience firsthand what will make each ICO truly responsible.


Stay tuned, follow our updates and ask us anything in our telegram community (International, Russian and Korean), or contact us by email.