Jury.online – Jury.Online Demo and Panel Versions Release

Jury.Online Demo and Panel Versions Release

Jury.Online team has been working over 8 months on the concept development and its implementation and finally we are happy to announce our official platfrom release. The platform for Responsible ICO starts working in 2 versions. The first one  - https://demo.jury.online/ -  is a playground where everyone will be able to try all functions from investor’s side in testnet with testnet Ethereum. And the second one - https://panel.jury.online -  the main version, a fully dedicated on real investment processes. Jury.Online ICO becomes the first project who conducts its ICO on  who receives contributions on the platform with minimum investment amount  - 5 ETH.

Jury.Online, implements a responsible ICO feature, which is close in concept  to DAICO —  the decentralised fundraising model, proposed by Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum co-founder. Jury.Online Responsible ICO tool ensures investors in the transparency of project’s crowdfunding by giving them the opportunity to follow up the progress of milestones’ execution and engage the assistance of public experts-arbiters if the stated objectives haven’t been reached.

The detailed instructions for the both platfrom versions you can check out on out Medium blog:

Demo version - https://medium.com/@Jury.Online/jury-online-demo-platform-guide-6cbb1ecd2d83

Panel version - https://medium.com/@Jury.Online/jury-online-panel-version-guide-60b2535c39fe