Jury.online – Jury.Online warns about fraud actions

Jury.Online warns about fraud actions

Please ignore any messages with ETH addresses and any other websites to participate. Our fakes continue to compromise us on Telegram and probably on other social media resources creating new very similar accounts (ex. blockchainb0ss instead of official username @blockchainboss) and inviting you to participate in ICO right now (when we haven’t launched it yet)

Pay attention: our official representatives marked as admins in communities. Don’t trust to other messages sent ‘from us’. 

The actual time (countdown) till the beginning of the ICO is also available on our official website.

Below you can kindly find all official Telegram nicknames of our team members. All social media sources we use for communication are mentioned in Team tab of the website.

Alex Shevtsov - @randomlogin 
Konstantin Kudriavtsev - @cyber_kostyan 
Art Pirozhkov - @blockchainboss
Valeriy Strechen - @valeriystrechen 
Nikolay Prudnikov - @nickprd 
Marina Kobyakova - @marinoseg
Anastasia Bormotova - @cryptoblogger
Nick Alekseev - @an52826
Anastasia Arakelian - @anastasiasilk
Jennifer Millan - @jennymilly

Please contact us in case you have received a message from a fake, claiming himself as our team member:    ab@jury.online