Jury.online – Responsible ICO Platform

Jury.Online took part in private investors’ meeting in Shanghai

Alexander Shevtsov, Founder and Key Developer of Jury.Online and Nikolay Prudnikov, Business Development Officer visited a financial capital of China Shanghai to participate in a private meeting with chinese cryptoinvestors. The close meeting was dedicated to a detailed review of the most promising projects of 2018th. 7 teams presented their projects to the panel of investors, which had the opportunity to assess them. Jury.Online provided Responsible ICO Concept and was highly commended by the audience.


As the outcome of the private meeting  - Jury.Online team was exclusively invited to a press conference with TV broadcast which will be held on the 2nd of February.


Jury.Online responsible ICO concept is as follows: a project breaks down its final goal into milestones with specified funding values and deadlines for implementation. Then all the investments received through a smart contract are allocated into parts which are needed to fulfill each milestone requirement.


Money and tokens are released step-by-step to each party. Unlike other forms of gradual money release, funds are always stored in the smart-contract and their transfer is completely defined by the smart contract code, which is known to the public in advance. Every investment in a projet comes with a set of arbiters who will estimate the execution of the project and resolve conflicts if they are to appear.


For Projects, this simplifies the funding process and search for investors, helps shape goals and deadlines. For Investors it gives more control over the project development, guarantees at least a partial refund and provides them with direct communication with the Projects.


Arbiters play the role of unbiased mediators who give an independent evaluation of the project and resolve Disputes in favor of either party by carefully assessing the results of each milestone in comparison with the original roadmap.