Jury.online – Responsible ICO Platform

Jury.Online participated in World Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit

Last Saturday, on 27th of January, the team of Jury.Online took part in a large scale international event  - The World Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit -  which took place in World Trade Center in Moscow.


More than 400 world famous blockchain and crypto-experts  and about 30 international organisations responsible for the blockchain regulation in Europe, the North America, the Near East, Africa and Asia, including the most influential speakers of all time, joined to The World Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit  last weekend.


Jury.Online, in particular, presented its responsible ICO feature, which is close in meaning to DAICO - decentralised fundraising model which previously was proposed by Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum co-founder. Thus, Jury.Online Responsible ICO tool ensures investors in the transparency of project’s crowdfunding providing them the opportunity to follow up the progress in milestones’ execution and engage the assistance of public experts-arbiters if the stated objectives haven’t been met.


This idea was warmly welcomed by one of the most significant guests of the summit - Vladislav Martynov, an entrepreneur, investor and advisor of Ethereum Foundation.


Crypto Valley, was represented by Mattia L.Rattaggi - a Co-Head Task Force ICO Code of Conduct and a member of a working group in Regulatory Policy, who was one of the invited speakers on a panel session:


“I was very pleased to join the WBC Summit last Saturday and represent the Crypto Valley Association, exchanging ideas and analyses about Blockchain, ICOs and Cryptocurrencies with outstanding professionals. I was also able to visit a few start ups and ICO projects and get first hand impression of the pool of talents characterizing the blockchain community in Moscow, for instance the innovative Jury.online solution, bound to revolutionise dispute resolution and make it affordable to the mass while reducing resolution time”

The World Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit brought together the most engaged members of the global blockchain community, the representatives of crypto associations, authorities, foundations, investment companies, banks and IDACB's partners. The summit was organised in order to shape the global digital agenda and driving positive changes in the sphere of Blockchain and cryptocurrency, creating a platform for the exchange of knowledge, experience and success in the field of the blockchain technology and regulation.