Jury.Online Brainstorm session 02-12-2017

Jury.Online holds weeky technical sessions with in-house programmers and consultant developers regarding the future milestones of the project and issues on the top of the agenda. Here’s a sneak peek of one of the recent sessions at the Jury.Online Moscow HQ

Dmitry Bystrov, Lead developer Forth virtual machine
Maxim Danilkin, Lead C++ engi006Eeer, blockchain core developer

Alexander Shevtsov, Founder and main developer, Jury.Online
Alexey Vesnin, Senior C++ engineer, blockchain core architect

Pavel Shevchenko, Lead C++ engineer, blockchain core developer

Dmitry Bilunov, Chief Developer, self-driving cars department at a multinational technology company

Konstantin Kudriavtsev, CTO, Jury.Online

Aleksandr Noxon, CTO at gambling platform