Jury.online – Attention! You can earn 6$ in a few clicks

Attention! You can earn 6$ in a few clicks

JOT holders and all the community can get 6$ in ETokens on https://tokensale.endo.im/ru/juryonline/ . EToken is the only means of exchange that can be used to pay for checking data and exchanging data between users of the system. Also, you can find Endo on platform for responsible ICOs - Jury.Online. Time 


What are Jury.Online and Endo?


Jury.Online is a platform with function of arbitration of disputes which provides confidential and safe cooperation between investors and ICOs. Jury.Online conducts stage-by-stage financing of start-up according to implementation of stages which are registered in the roadmap and pledged in smart-contract. In case of occurrence of dispute arbitrators get connected to it.


ENDO is a Blockchain, a protocol and various data verification services. The Ecosystem of the ENDO protocol creates a decentralized environment for verified data. Data that people and robots will be able to trust: remotely, instantly, and safely. On the basis of the ENDO protocol, applications have been created that allow the transfer of paper documents with ink signatures to digital ones; a person can receive a digital certificate of their identity; brand things to create a digital passport of authenticity.