Jury.online – Jury.Online platform is officially launched

Jury.Online platform is officially launched

4th September 2018, Jury.Online team is happy to announce that the fully functional decentralized escrow platform is available on https://panel.jury.online. This week we are launching together with 5 projects available for secure investment: Kvantor, Endo, Lancer Project, Wono, and Gridex. All of them will be available to the public on our platform. We have made a significant work so far bringing better User Experience, a whole new system of smart contracts, brought new mediators to the project, implemented KYC\AML procedures provided by our partner Sum & Substance, introduced investments by credit cards Visa\Mastercard provided by our partner Indacoin, implemented agile roadmaps that will give more flexibility for the projects and we have yet much more to do. In the next few months, we will introduce a new design, mobile version to invest from any smartphone, a number of new features including services for ICO and marketplace. We welcome any feedback from our community.


What is Jury.Online platform?

Jury.Online is a platform with the function of arbitration of disputes which provides confidential and safe cooperation between investors and ICOs. Jury.Online conducts stage-by stage financing of start-up according to the implementation of stages which are registered in the roadmap and pledged in smart-contract. In case of occurrence of dispute, mediators get connected to it.


Our partners are:

The KVANTOR platform raises your deals to a new level and provides freedom of relations between economic entities, going beyond traditional payment channels and eliminating intermediaries. Clients of the KVANTOR platform are banks, raw material manufacturers, and traders. Marketplace for commodity trading: Direct settlements (bypassing traditional channels), digital guarantees, factoring, other opportunities based on blockchain and smart contracts Enhancement of banking systems with an ability to operate financial instruments based on blockchain technology Mutual settlements without SWIFT and burdensome control.

ENDO is a Blockchain, a protocol and various data verification services. The Ecosystem of the ENDO protocol creates a decentralized environment for verified data. Data that people and robots will be able to trust: remotely, instantly, and safely. On the basis of the ENDO protocol, applications have been created that allow the transfer of paper documents with ink signatures to digital ones; a person can receive a digital certificate of their identity; brand things to create a digital passport of authenticity.

Lancer Network will attract real users to your ICO that will participate in buzz of the communities. Organic advertising and SMM from real users. Earnings in the industry of the blockchain without any investment. A convenient Human Resources hub for discovering qualified talent. Solutions for non-standard promotional tasks for crowdsale and blockchain projects.

WONO is a P2P platform for rentals and freelancing. Thanks to Ethereum blockchain and the Interplanetary FIle System (IPFS), the platform and community are decentralized, which allows users to interact without a middleman. WONO combines functions of Airbnb, Turo, Upwork and TaskRabbit on the blockchain. WONO solves 5 major problems of P2P economy: high commissions, taxation of vendors, non-transparency of ratings and reviews, currency exchange loss and risk of fraud and deal cancellation. WONO users can act in 4 different roles at the same time: vendor (rent smth out or perform jobs), the customer (rent smth or post a job), the guarantor (stake for successful deal termination) and arbitrator (determine affected party in disputes). WONO users can earn and spend tokens on one platform which lets them never withdraw tokens and legally avoid any kind of taxation or exchange loss.

Gridex creates a high-performance crypto infrastructure for the turnover of crypto-currency liquidity and HFT trading, which allows each participant to use cryptocurrency and convert it with minimum delays and maximum speed. GridEx is the FOREX for cryptocurrency transactions, using a different architecture and with an improved technology solution.