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Jury.Online New Partner - Swap.Online

A secure ICO conducting platform Jury.Online announces co-operation and connection of Swap.Online solution.

Swap.Online is a decentralized cryptocurrency market. Now its best features are available for Jury.Online clients in order to benefit from. Swap.Online offers the users its own p2p protocol, fully decentralized and perfectly secure exchange right in the browser and the solution for cryptoprojects funding.

The solution operates on average 2 to 10+ times faster than the existing stock exchanges (taking into account the time to deposit and withdraw funds). On average, the exchange takes 1–2 minutes. It already works on the bitcoin and ethereum blockchains.

The process of exchange is executed via the Atomic Swap technology. This technology makes the process of exchange practically instant. Swap.Online offers a breakthrough solution for  the crypto collection for ICO – it is possible to collect BTC/ETH and change it on every token on any site with the swap.button installed.

What is more, the Swap.Online project is going to launch airdrop of their tokens to JOT holders. Jury.Online tokens holders that are 82 702 people will receive a pleasant bonus in the form of a Swap.Online token, while also obtaining a possibility of getting a better look on our partner and their work.

Find out more about Swap.Online: https://swap.online


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