Jury.online – Elysian Finished Its ICO

Elysian Finished Its ICO

The Elysian project finished its ICO on July 8, 2018. During the event 409,456.5967 ELY tokens were sold.

Now that Elysian has reached its hard cap they will adhere to the strict milestones that were created in order to put together a product. The Jury.Online team as well as Elysian is extremely confident in achieving all the goals and future objectives, and we fully support our clients along the way.

Elysian is a decentralized platform for building Ecommerce websites based on the blockchain. In order to create trust between businesses and consumers it involves secure data storage and unprecedented user experience.

We will keep the community updated about all of the project’s further news and achievements.

Read more about Elysian: https://elycoin.io.