Jury.online – Jury.Online: Platform and Site Sneak Peek

Jury.Online: Platform and Site Sneak Peek

A project implementing a concept of Responsible ICO Jury.Online is continuously developing and improving in order to benefit our clients at most. After ICO Jury.Online project keeps working on business and an expanded service base.

Jury.Online team is currently working the platform and site development to give our Projects, Investors and Arbiters more convenient access to the platform. Soon we will present a brand new user interface of our platform as well as our site. By the end of the month we will introduce a new website design.

Jury.Online project will prepare a special web resource where we will keep our community updated about our news, the news and achievements of our clients and also publish some educational information regarding the Cryptoworld written by top specialists in ICO, tech, development and so on. The mission of this resource is to create a structured content for easy way of getting introduced to the cryptoindustry.

We introduce rounds feature in order to select an interval when an investor can send offer to a developer. This feature allows developers to deeply customise their ICO, each round have its default price (now setted in USD instead of ETH), minimum ETH investment and how many tokens will be released in that round. Another key feature of rounds is bonus, written in percentage indicating how many tokens will be transferred as a bonus. The last one helpful rounds function is investor whitelist (a list of emails) that can send offers to Project, it can be imported as a CVS file.

For the new investors that registered on our platform we added the possibility to insert their ETH wallet address if it is not presented on a project page that they want invest in, after that a ‘send offer’ button appears automatically.

Developers can now set the duration of milestones counted in days instead of seconds. They can also add personalized disclaimer that is shown to an investor at the moment when the investor wants to send his offer.

Jury.Online team will present the Proxy Token development, which is necessary in order to create two entities on a smart contract: ETH and Token. Since many ICOs do not make their token transferable before the end of an ICO and do not emit it, we created a proxy token, that can be transferred 1:1 between smart contracts. It is preserved by an Exchange smart contract. It is designed to ensure the security of investors, due to the fact that the proxy tokens are being transferred to this smart contract, and exchanged one to one for the project's tokens, and then disappear and never fall into the hands of investors to prevent the release of a new token on exchanges.

The advantages of such a solution for the project mean no increase in emissions due to the reserve of the tokens on Jury.Online platform; the possibility of using Jury.Online platform without the need for early release of the token; scalability of the solution, depending on Jury.Online fund raising and within the traditional crowdsale, as well as the implementation speed of our solution.

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