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Commodity-backed blockchain option

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Expert Review

2.7 out of 5

Zrcoin used Initial Coin Offering to gather funds for the creation of a special factory to process a special type of metal - ZrO2, which as they state is highly in demand for industrial usage. One of the interesting features in such case is the fact that each investor has the opportunity to visually control the construction, installation of equipment and commissioning works through the project site. ZrCoin is a liquid trading asset, which can even be redeemed for the real physical ZrO2. The team is relatively small, however consists of very experienced members with more than 10 years in the industry.

User Review

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Little_Ann27 august 2017, 19:48

A crowdfunding for a factory. Quite interesting approach into ICO type of funding. They want to produce some kind of metal that can be sold to other companies.
When it comes to drawbacks, I'd say one of them is the fact that production of these metal takes a very long time so for any profit you have to wait at least several months. And you don't know if there will be any profit. That's a second disadvantage, as I'm not sure if this metal is really in any demand and can turn out to be useless.

The project itself isn't really bad or anything, but you just need to be careful. It's now a personal decision of an investor, whether or not he is willing to take such a risk. Maybe it turns out this type of metal is a new revolution? I don't know.

Vince_222220 august 2017, 18:57

They are using ICO as a crowdfunding method and a way of people investing in their new technology of production that they have been developing. They have that industrial metal that is allegedly in demand and they are basically opening a factory of this resource. But this investment seems very long-term and unpredictable as the production takes a lot of time and we can't be sure that there will be companies willing to buy that kind of metal.

Very risky in my opinion.

Glory9016 august 2017, 10:02

ZrCoin is the first ever blockchain option for investing in the production of an in-demand industrial material.
Zrcoin aims to use ICO funds to build and industrial plant using their breakthrough technology.
This new technology will use glass factories’ waste In order to produce zircoinium dioxide with competitive characteristics.

In my opinion of disadvantages ZrCoin:
The time it takes until the first batch is out. The founders say they will need about 6 to 8 months.

palmbird15 august 2017, 15:02

This commodity backed blockchain project had a good technical team.They promise high return on the investment.They claim their product has a high demand but i see no garanties for that.In fact you should see this as an industry or factory that raises money by crowdfunding.Afterall this is a hard working team that is confident in the future of their product.Fingers crossed.

Josephic13 august 2017, 15:14

It's hard to believe for me in this project. They claim that the profit easily will get to 100%+, they are willing to take any returns of coins from investors, the money they get from it will be spend to manufacture some special metal. It is used mainly in ceramics, but I don't see it being a really demanded resource like they claim it is. Creating the coin and whole blockchain seems just like a fancy way to crowdfund their factory. I would be careful.

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