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Decentralized Data Exchange

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Smart contract blockchain




Sourabh Niyogi - CEO

Harish Thimmappa - SVP Revenue

Sonia Gonzalez - GM

Rodney Witcher - VP Business Development

Michael Chung - Product Manager and Protocol Developer

Mayumi Matsumoto - Data Scientist

Expert Review

3.7 out of 5

The idea of ​​the Wolk project sounds certainly very ambitious - "Our mission is to help build the next generation Internet with decentralized database services". Wolk is built on the Ethereum technology, or rather its superstructure Ethereum SWARM. Of course, we can assume that in future the project will be rebuilt on the basis of its own code, but at the moment it is difficult to say that they have something that would allow them to count on becoming the Internet of the future. One of the interesting features is that the users will be able to earn the tokens by sharing their unused storage for the platform or by providing various types of content. The team behind the project is quite small and consists mostly of data scientists. There don't seem to be many developers or blockchain specialists on the board.

User Review

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En!oy03 september 2017, 19:56

Well this is a project that may not please a very privacy oriented crypto users, as it doesn't eliminate the whole personal data exchange procedure. They however, want to make it fair and controlled, as now there are basically two or three companies that through our social media and searches on the Internet control and sell everything they know about us. With this project we will have a bit of control of this and these information won't lie in one company's hands. Blockchain technology will empower the data storage as it's a great facility to securely store any information as whatever gets into the blockchain cannot be just like that changed or accessed.

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